Slovakia Dog Cup 2021


For the fourth year in a row, our kennel defended the title of the best beagle in Slovakia in the Slovakia Dog Cup 2021 competition and at the same time defended the championship in FCI VI. group.

Aslan Little Carpathians – TOP beagle 2021
– 1. place in VI. FCI group
– 1. place in breed
Bigsmithy Cheesecake
– 6. place in VI. FCI group
– 2. place in breed
Atrey Little Carpathians
– 9. place in VI. FCI group
– 3. place in breed
Brownie Little Carpathians
– 15. place in VI. FCI group
– 4. place in breed

Our breedings also took part in the competition Alegra, Amira, Biscuit, Bounty, Beany Cashew.

We thank the owners for participating in dog shows. We thank the handlers for their wonderful work in the show ring and the judges for their evaluations.