European dog show Budapešť 2021

122 entered beagls Judges:Grzegorz Weron/PL – males (64)Niksa Lemo/HR – females (58) + BOB Our results:Atrey Little Carpathians open class – excellentAslan Little Carpathians champion class – excellentBrownie Little Carpathians junior class – excellentBigsmithy Cheesecake champion class – excellent 4

World dog show Brno 2021

113 entered beagls.Judge: Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, PL Our results:Aslan Little Carpathians open class: excellentBrownie Little Carpathians puppy class: Very promissing 4Bigsmithy Cheesecake champion class: Excellent 4

Floracanis Olomouc 2021

On September 5, 2020, we participated in the FLORACANIS National Dog Show in Olomouc, CZ. 05.09.2020 NDS Olomouc/CZ, judge: Vladimír Piskay, SKAslan Little Carpathians intermediate class: Exc.1, CACBigsmithy Cheesecake champion class: Exc.1, CAC Aslan thus fulfilled the conditions for awarding the title of CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION.

Cheesy – international champion

In the first days of the new year 2021, we received a shipment from the International Cynological Federation FCI. Our Cheesy is already officially the International Beauty Champion C.I.B. and International Show Champion C.I.E.