Interesting facts


Do you know that the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, also had a beagle? Not just one, but two. He called them Him and Her, and they often visited the White House Oval Office.

Another famous beagle is an American comics character Snoopy, the author of which is the famous California drawer Charles Schultz. The era of these comics started in 1950, and Snoopy enjoys amusing adventures in the wild, in the desert, and in the cabin of the aircraft during the First World War. But only in 1962 Snoopy officially stands up and begins to walk like a human. In the comics, we can also observe him as an athlete, a doctor, a lawyer and a writer.


For the first time, the name beagle breed is mentioned in the 15th century and can be also found at Shakespeare. But its origin remains a mystery. There are up to 4 theories on the emergence of this world-famous name. The word "beagle" can come from the Old English beagle, the Celtic Beag, Starofranus Beigh or Italian Piccolo. All these names mean "small", which would match the beagle. But we also can't rule out the origin from the French words "beénguele" (loud) "briquet" (small hunter) or "bugle" (to make sound).

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