About Little Carpathians kennel

Our breeding station is located in the historical town of Trnava, one of the most attractive cities in Slovakia. City of Trnava is a little gem, often called „little Slovakian Rome“.


Breeding station and its protected name ,,Little Carpathians,, was founded in 2017. It is registered under number 88/17 in the SKJ register and the international register FCI. Little Carpathians is named after a mountain range near city of Trnava Despite the relatively low altitude, they have a big impact. They are the place where we spend most of our time with our dogs. The highest peak „Zabruby“ has become the logo of our breeding station.


Since my childhood dogs played the most important part in my life. The beagle breed fascinated me with its attractivness and nature. Beagle is always well tuned and ready to participate on any joke. It is a very confident breed with a lot of vitality and balanced nature. Beagle loves the forest and long walks and it is an excellent companion for active living people. The first beagle entered my life in 2005. Her name was Linda. She was my girlfriend, my confidant, my angel and even a teacher. We made an unbreakable pair until 2016. I learned a lot about the life and nature of the beagle breed. The knowledge and skills that I learned help me to further understand the breed.


Representatives of our breeding station are two beagle breeders with birth certificates. Airyn from Kennel Ambaland and Cheesecake from Bigsmithy Kennel. Airyn came to us as a puppy in July 2016. She is very lively, social, intelligent bitch, who loves movement. She feels the best when endurance running and agility training. She is beautifully muscled with a fine body structure. With Airyn, we started to participate for the first time in national and international dog beauty competitions. Gaining knowledge and skills and improving for future exhibitions. Cheesecake came to us in June 2017 as a puppy from a very successful Bigsmith breeding station, from a combination of two amazing dogs, Ch. Dollar Vienna Calling Dollars To Donuts x Ch. Arya Bigsmithy.


Airyn and Cheesecake are an integral part of the life of breeding station Little Carpathians. They are the pillars, breeded exclusively for joy and the only benefit ... happiness and love !!!


"For your dog you are more than just a friend. You are the leader of the pack, his guardian, his reservoir, and the allmighty god. "

Milan Potrok

Little Carpathians Beagle Kennel

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