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Welcome you all on our Little Carpathian Kennel site for breeding and presentation of beagle breed.


,,Beagle at the Little Carpathians kennel is fed exclusively with high-quality ACANA feed,,

About us

Our breeding station is located in the historical town of Trnava, one of the most attractive cities in Slovakia. City of Trnava is a little gem, often called „little Slovakian Rome“.     

Breeding station and its protected name ,,Little Carpathians,, was founded in 2017. It is registered under number 88/17 in the SKJ register and the international register FCI. Little Carpathians is named after a mountain range near city of Trnava Despite the relatively low altitude, they have a big impact. They are the place where we spend most of our time with our dogs. The highest peak „Zabruby“ has become the logo of our breeding station.

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About breed

The appearance of beagle, as we know it today, was shaped in the middle of the 19th century in hunting pack breeded in the UK. The exact characteristics of the breed as we know it today was formed there. Beagle probably is the descendant of the Harier and old English hunting dogs.. He was also a favorite hunting dog in the royal family, and he was breeded by Elisabeth I, Viliam III. Orange and Juraj IV. The beagle has always been used to hunt in a pack, he has strongly developed pack instinct, and is very tollerant with other. Organized breeding of this breed began at the end of the 19th century whena  club of breeders was founded in England in 1890 and after a few years later this breed came to the USA. Beagle was introduced to the former Czechoslovakia in 1965, and today he is breeded more like a companion than a hunter.

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